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02 August 2012 @ 06:19 am
Getting started;3  
Hey there! :)
So, finally bothered making my first post -__-"
i thought i should tell you a bit about me first, and btw I'm a newbie :D

You can call me Eta and I'm from Indonesia. I dont really know what to post since my life is not that interesting, but I'll try (?)
I'm a HUGE fan of Arashi :3 and i'd have to say that my bias is Sho <3 I'm prooud to be an Arashian :))

I currently live in Australia for some time already, sadly there aren't that much people you can talk to about Arashi :L only a few knows, but sometimes we end up being in awkies silence etc (-___-;   ) and i feel that even if i do have someone to talk about Arashi to they wouldnt be as "obsessed" as me. So yes, sad life.

Mybirthday is coming up soon!! (10 August)
Yes, that's next week! My japanese friend (who OBVIOUSLY knows arashi) decided to give me an early present of a magazine with an Arashi cover~!!!!!! OMG *__*
She told me the night before that her mum had gone to a japanese bookstore (Kinokuniya) and saw the magazine. But her mum realised that in a plastic wrap there was 2 MAGAZINES!! she immediately bought it and so she bought 2 magazines for the price of 1 ;DD When she told me that she'll be giving the other one to me, I was literally jumping up and down, screaming, and got REALLY excited for the first time that i could remember in my whole life. Well, as you could probably tell from my reaction, i do NOT have any arashi stuff (merchandise etc) so yes, this was my first "merchandise".

I looked through it and it was amaazing~! It had Maruyama from Kanjani 8, Oizumi Yo from MatsuJ's drama 'Lucky Seven', it had Oguri Shun and his new summer drama, and Mukai Osamu and his new drama ;D I was really lucky. And my friend was so DAMN NICE!!! I owe her one.

Anyways, sorry for boring you to death. I'mnot good at entertaning people, trust me.
Current Mood: excitedexcited