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30 March 2013 @ 09:02 am
4-5 year olds...  
(note; there maybe some swearings underneath)

So hey.
been away for quite a while.
i really need to update my lj more often /sigh
oh well.
i'll just talk about my day.

Today was absolutely horrible.
There's just no words to describe how freaking frustrated i am right now.
So my parents' friends came over today with their kids (4 & 5 year old). All of us were just sitting there talking.

Being a 5 year old kid, this girl (of my parent's friend's) got up and suddenly went into my room
i was like wtf o.o so i checked on her and what she was doing in my room and turns out she was going through my private stuff (diary, birthday presents etc)
i was like what are you doing here? :) and she just ran away. I had to smile everytime i talk to her coz well she's only 5.
i closed the door so she wouldnt get in anymore but she somehow managed to open it. i was like oh you little prick!!
She was in and out a couple of times and when it was nearly time for her to leave, i checked my room to see if there was anything missing.
There was.
my birthday present that was given to me by my best friend.
She stole my birthday present that was given to me by my best friend
i was soo furious. i got up and asked her (when her parents weren't looking) "do you know where my pencil from the pink box is?"
and she was all like "...." dotdotdot.
being waay older than her, i had to control my temper because of this one little bitch kid.
she left, and i had the time to search my whole house for that present.
i found nothin.
She took it.
She stole it.
this was simply unforgivable.
i hated her from the beginning. she was all clingy and such an attention seeker and a meddler.
given the fact that she's only 5, it's normal. BUT this is just too far. so far that she has to go through people's personal belongings like it's her own home and take something out of it and not tell the owner or anybody.
my best friend said i'm getting too worked up over 4-5 year olds. YES i am and i regret nothing.
my parents said it was my fault, but wtf could i do?! i tried shutting the door, i tried 'scaring' her away from my room but shes not a quitter.
I seriously think that my whole family secretly hates that girl and her bro.
The 5 year old girl just cant sit still, she has to go to a person's room and go through their personal stuff without any boundaries, and her brother just has to hit people as hard as he could to get attention.

I realise that they're only 4-5 year olds, and that its normal for people their age to do stuff like this so if you're gonna leave a negative comment like "your friend's right, you're getting too worked up over 4-5 year olds", then gtfo.

k bai.

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